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Greninja (Pokémon)

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In the anime
[[File:Ash Ash-Greninja.png|thumb|250px|Ash-Greninja in the anime]]
===Major appearances===
====[[Ash's Greninja]]====
{{Ash}}'s {{p|Frogadier}} evolved into a Greninja in ''[[XY100|A Festival of Decisions!]]'' while battling [[Heidayu]]'s {{p|Bisharp}}. It soon gained the ability to [[Bond Phenomenon|transform]] into Ash-Greninja.
====[[Sanpei's Greninja]]====
===Minor appearances===
A Greninja appeared in the opening sequence of ''[[M19|Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel]]'', when it evolved from {{p|Froakie}} and {{p|Frogadier}}.
===Pokédex entries===