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Maylene is kind and sincere. Her doubts in her abilities are not unusual for a new [[Gym Leader]], as seen with [[Lavaridge Gym]]'s [[Flannery]] and {{an|Misty}} of the [[Cerulean Gym]]. Even so, she is held in high esteem by [[Veilstone City]] and regarded as a "warrior" for her confident spirit.
Maylene's athletic skills were showcased in her debut, where she was shown to be able to hit her {{TP|Maylene|Lucario}}'s {{m|Aura Sphere}} attacks away. Her concentration helps her to remain focused and confident in {{pkmn|battle}}, so she spends much of her time meditating. Maylene also mimics her Pokémon's movements during a match to be in sync with them. In battle, Maylene has her Pokémon use offense attacks like {{m|Brick Break}} and {{m|Bone Rush}} as the perfect defense against her opponent's tactics. She also uses {{p|Meditite}}'s {{m|Confusion}} and Luacario's {{m|Force Palm}} to inflict [[status condition]] conditionss that leave her opponent vulnerable to a fury of direct hits.