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{{samename|Detective Pikachu character|Harry Goodman}}
:''Harry redirects here. For the [[character of the day]] in [[SM011|Young Kiawe Had a Farm!]], see [[Harry (SM011)]].''
{{samename|[[Detective Pikachu]] character|Harry Goodman}}
[[File:Team Rocket Elite Trio.png|thumb|220px|Ken, Al, and Harry]]
The '''Team Rocket Elite Trio'''<!-- (Japanese: ''' ''' '' '')--> are three [[Team Rocket]] members who appear in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga. Individually, they are known as '''Ken''' (Japanese: '''ケン''' ''Ken''), '''Al'''{{tt|*|Chuang Yi, VIZ Media volumes 10, 14-43}}/'''Ryu'''{{tt|*|VIZ media volume 11}} (Japanese: '''リョウ''' ''Ryō''), and '''Harry''' (Japanese: '''ハリー''' ''Harry''). As members of Team Rocket, the trio are sub-leaders who each serve the three high-ranking members, [[Lt. Surge]], [[Sabrina]], and [[Koga]], respectively.