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Frillish (Pokémon)

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Frillish and its evolution were most likely inspired by the {{wp|Nurarihyon}}, a {{wp|jellyfish}} ''{{wp|yōkai}}'' that is either shown as a demonized jellyfish or as a jellyfish-like man who wears refined, sometimes regal, clothing. It is also possible that they was inspired by the Kurage no Hinotama, a type of jellyfish-like {{wp|will-o'-the-wisp}}. Its design is inspired by the jellyfish and {{wp|Victorian fashion|Victorian-style}} monarch attire: the male form's appearance based on a prince's while the female's is based on a princess'. The {{wp|Aurelia aurita|moon jellyfish}} has inspired Frillish in being a ghost type. The two larger arms Frillish possesses are more similar to those of {{wp|squidssquid}}s than the tentacles of real jellyfish. Frillish and its evolution also have traits in common with {{wp|sea monstersmonster}}s like the {{wp|Kraken}}, most notably their rumored penchant for destroying ships and feeding on the crew.
====Name origin====