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Zorua (Pokémon)

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Zorua is likely based on the ''{{wp|kitsune}}'' of Japanese folklore, a mythical {{wp|fox}} capable of shape-shifting. The concept of a Zorua still having its tail while in human form refers to how a ''kitsune'' has difficulty in hiding its tail when it takes on human form in some stories. Its facial markings draw inspiration from ''{{wp|Kabuki}}'' and ''{{wp|Noh}}'' theater makeup.
In addition, Zorua's habit of replacing children with itself is similar to Irish folklore about the {{wp|changeling}}, a fairy-child that replaces human children kidnapped by fairies or, in some tales, the devil. Zorua also resembles the {{wp|trickster}} characters of many cultures in both appearance and behavior; such characters are often depicted as foxes.