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Krookodile (Pokémon)

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Like {{p|Sandile}}, Krookodile is also based on {{wp|crocodilia|crocodilians}}ns, more specifically a {{wp|Mecistops|slender-snouted crocodile}} and the {{wp|spectacled caiman}}. Krookodile also seems to be based on the ''{{wp|Baryonyx}}'', a fish-eating, slender-snouted dinosaur which heavily resembled a crocodilian, and possibly a {{wp|gharial}}, due to its long snout.
In line with its {{t|Dark}} [[type]] and names, it may also be based on a gang leader or simply a criminal, as the markings around its eyes bear great resemblance to triangular sunglasses, which are associated with manga and anime criminals, such as [[Ash's Squirtle]]. It could also be a reference to {{wp|Sobek}}, a half-crocodile deity also associated with violence and even robbery.
====Name origin====