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Abomasnow (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
Abomasnow made its television debut in ''[[PK19|Pikachu's Ice Adventure]]'', where it was fighting with a {{p|Froslass}} before they realized their quarrel was destroying several ice statues.
A female Abomasnow debuted in ''[[DP126|Classroom Training!]]'', under the ownership of [[Candice]]. This also marked the species' main series debut. She was one of the Pokémon that Candice used in [[DP127|the following episode]], during her [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} against {{Ash}}. Abomasnow was able to [[Fainting|knock out]] {{AP|Staraptor}} and {{AP|Grotle}}, but then ended up losing to {{AP|Chimchar}} after it used {{m|Flame Wheel}}. She then reappeared in ''[[DP155|Double-Time Battle Training!]]'', where she was used to demonstrate move combinations for {{an|Dawn}}. Abomasnow briefly reappeared again alongside Candice during the ending credits of ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''.
A male Abomasnow debuted in ''[[BW140|Survival of the Striaton Gym!]]'', under the ownership of [[Morana]]. He had a battle against [[Cilan's Pansage]], but after a long and hard battle, it was defeated.