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Cerulean Gym

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In the anime
It first appeared in ''[[EP007|The Water Flowers of Cerulean City]]''. {{Ash}} was heading there so he could earn his {{badge|Cascade}}. Misty kept telling him not to go to Cerulean, and he soon discovered why she had tried to stop him; her three sisters, [[Violet]], {{ka|Lily}}, and {{an|Daisy}}, were the Gym Leaders, who didn't care much about battling and had instead turned the battlefield into a performance hall for their water acrobatics shows. Incapable of giving Ash a proper Gym battle, due their defeat against {{Gary}} and two other [[Pallet Town]] {{pkmn|Trainer}}s, they were about to simply give Ash a free Cascade Badge, when Misty intervened. She challenged Ash to a battle in her capacity as an official Gym Leader, but the battle was interrupted by {{TRT}} trying to steal the Gym's Pokémon with a giant vscuum cleaner, only to be defeated by Ash and be sent flying by their own machine. In the end, Daisy gave Ash a Cascade Badge for protecting the Gym, also saying that if [[Ash's Pikachu]] hadn't refused to battle, Misty's Water Pokémon wouldn't have stood a chance of winning.
The Gym's next appearance was in ''[[EP061|The Misty Mermaid]]''. While {{ashfr|the group}} was the way to the [[Viridian Gym]], [[Misty's Horsea]] became sick. Realizing the Gym was nearby, Misty decided to go and see if they could make Horsea feel better there. At the Gym, Misty's sisters told her that they had set up an underwater balette and given Misty the main role without asking her first. With the first performance due to be held the following day, Misty was left with no choice but to accept the role. During the performance, Team Rocket attacked and tried to steal the Gym's Pokémon again. This time, they were defeated by the Gym's {{p|Seel}}, which evolved into a {{OBP|Dewgong|Cerulean Gym}} to protect the Gym. Afterwards, Misty's sisters asked Misty to leave her Horsea and {{TP|Misty|Starmie}} at the Gym for their future performances, which heshe reluctantly accepted. She also tried to force her {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} on them, but they refused.
In ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]'', Misty received a call from her sisters, informing her that they had won an around-the-world trip and were giving their Cerulean Gym Leader status to her so that she could take care of the Gym in their absence.
The Gym also played key roles in several [[Pokémon Chronicles]] episodes. In ''[[SS002|Cerulean Blues]]'', the Gym was in danger of being shut down, but Misty, who had just returned to the Gym after her sisters' departure, was successfully able to fix it up and stop it from getting shut down. In the process, she earned a Gym {{TP|Misty|Gyarados}}'s trust. In ''[[SS005|The Blue Badge of Courage]]'', [[Sakura]] challenged Misty to a Gym battle and won her own Cascade Badge. {{an|Casey}} visited the Gym in ''[[SS011|A Date with Delcatty]]'', and in ''[[SS016|Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing!]]'', Misty and Daisy's two {{p|Luvdisc}}, [[Caserin and Luverin]], were stolen by [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]].
The Gym made a brief flashback appearance in ''[[AG092|Judgment Day!]]''. Ash and his friends met a former Trainer named {{OBP|Jimmy|AG092}}, who told them how he had once passed by the Cerulean Gym, when Daisy had come up to him and asked him to help clean up the Gym's pool. Jimmy had accepted the offer, and once he and his Pokémon had done their work, Daisy had given him a free Cascade Badge. Jimmy also mentioned that Misty hadn't been at the Gym at the time to battle him.
The Gym reappeared hundreds of episodes later in ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]'', where Ash and {{ashcl}} from [[Alola]] visited it during an extracurricular lesson, guided by {{an|Brock}} and Misty. After giving a brief summary to Ash's classmates about how Gyms, Badges, and the [[Pokémon League]] work in Kanto, the group was offered to experience a Gym battle. First {{an|Mallow}} and {{an|Lana}} took on Misty, after which {{an|Sophocles}} and {{an|Lillie}} battled against Brock. After both of these battles had been called off with no clear winner, {{an|Kiawe}} requested to have a serious battle against Brock, while Ash issued a similar challenge to Misty. During the battle between [[Kiawe's Turtonator]] and [[Brock's Steelix]], the former [[Pewter Gym]] {{FB|Gym|Leader}} [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]] his Pokémon as a response to Kiawe's decision to use his [[Z-Move]]. Although Turtonator's {{m|Inferno Overdrive}} dealt heavy damage on Mega {{p|Steelix}}, it was unable to deal the finishing blow, allowing Brock to win the battle with his next attack. In the following battle between Ash's Pikachu and Misty's Gyarados, the Cerulean Gym Leader also demonstrated her ability to use Mega Evolution. However, unlike Kiawe, Ash was able to use his own Z-Move, {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}}, to defeat his Mega Evolved opponent. Before Ash and his classmates headed back to Alola, Brock and Misty gave each of them a replica Badge to remember the battles they had had with them.