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In ''[[XY065|Good Friends, Great Training!]]'', Pikachu and Sliggoo were used in a Double Battle against Tierno's Wartortle and Raichu. Before the battle could start, he was grabbed by a mecha created by Team Rocket, but Sliggoo was able to save Pikachu. After the mecha took Sliggoo, Wartortle, and Raichu, Pikachu split up with Ash and Serena to look for them. After Sliggoo evolved into Goodra to save Ash and Pikachu, and the crisis was resolved, they restarted their battle with Tierno and ultimately won.
In ''[[XY067|The Moment of Lumiose Truth!]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his first Pokémon in his Lumiose Gym Battlebattle against Clemont. andHe went up against his Bunnelby. Pikachu used Thunderbolt, whichand wasduring blockedthe by Bunnelbybattle, whothe usedtwo hiswound earsup tousing createthe asame mud shield. Bunnelby then used Dig, which was too fast for Pikachu to evade. Pikachu hit Bunnelby with Quick Attack, which Bunnelby quickly recovered frommoves and managed to hit Pikachu several times with Double Slap. Pikachu then used Iron Tail which the Digging Pokémon caught with his ears.strategies Thisas remindedthey Bonniedid ofduring their first battle. InsteadJust of letting Pikachu counter with Electro Ballthen, Bunnelby used his new move, {{m|Wild Charge}}, dealing major damage to Pikachu. Bunnelby then hit Pikachu with another Dig. He then responded with Quick Attack, butbefore Bunnelbyusing usedmultiple Dig againattacks. However, Ash had Pikachu use Iron Tail on the ground, forcing Bunnelby to emerge and dealing major damage. Pikachu then used another Iron Tail, defeating Bunnelby. WhenAsh Clemont sent out {{TP|Clemont|Heliolisk}}, Ashthen recalled Pikachu., He wasbut later sent him out to battle Clemont's last Pokémon, {{TP|Clemont|Luxray}}. Pikachu could take advantage of Luxray's {{m|Electric Terrain}}, which increased the power of Electric-type moves. Pikachu first used Thunderbolt, which was blocked by Luxray's Thunder Fang. He then used Wild Charge on Pikachu, dealing a lot of damage. Luxray followed up with Swift, but Pikachu was able to deflect it back to Luxray with Iron Tail. HoweverUltimately, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon countered with Wild Charge, defeating Pikachu.
In ''[[XY075|Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his first Pokémon in his three-round battle against [[Sawyer]]. He went up against {{p|Bagon}}, although he had a type- disadvantage. Pikachu's speedy Quick Attack was able to outmaneuver Bagon's Headbutt. After Thunderbolt and Dragon Breath collided in aDespite drawthis, Pikachu jumped into the air and prepared to useused Iron Tail. Sawyer had Bagon use Dragon Claw, but it was overpowered by Iron Tail and Pikachuto knockedknock the Rock Head Pokémon out.
In ''[[XY079|A Frenzied Factory Fiasco!]]'', Pikachu, along with Ash and his friends, visited the [[Poké Ball Factory]]. There, they were tricked by Team Rocket, who separated the group from their Poké Balls, with only Pikachu managing to escape. During a battle against his enemies, Pikachu avoided being recalled into his Poké Ball and hid in one of the vent shafts without them knowing. He then first tried to free Ash and his friends with Iron Tail, but when that failed and Team Rocket discovered him, Pikachu attempted to get the briefcase that held the group's Poké Balls. Meowth then chased after Pikachu, being the only one small enough to squeeze through the factory equipment and ventilation shafts that Pikachu escaped through, and continuously attempted to recall Pikachu into his Poké Ball. In the end, the Team Rocket trio attempted to escape with all of the Poké Balls they stole, though inby thethat process of doing sopoint, theyPikachu sawfreed Ash and Pikachu werethey afterpursued them. Pikachu managed to stop their van with his Thunderbolt and Meowth challenged Pikachu to a one-on-one battle, which he accepted. Pikachu managed to defeat his foe despite the Scratch Cat Pokémon attempting to use Pikachu's Poké Ball on him. After Team Rocket got blasted off again, the group was invited by the grateful factory staff to a genuine tour of the factory.
In ''[[XY090|Tag Team Battle Inspiration!]]'', Pikachu was used in a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]] against [[Serena's Eevee]] and Shauna's Ivysaur with Tierno's Blastoise as his partner. PikachuWhen started the battle by firing an Electro Ball, which was countered by Ivysaur's Energy Ball. Then Pikachu used Thunderbolt on Eevee, but Ivysaur protected Eevee by using Razor Leaf. While Blastoise was struggling with Eevee, Pikachu scored a hit on Ivysaur with Iron Tail. Ivysaur retaliated with Vine Whip, but Pikachu dodged it. The battle was laterSerena called off bythe Serena.battle, Ash and Tierno then decided to battle against each other and Pikachu faced Blastoise. A collision between Thunderbolt and Hydro Pump took place, but the outcome of the battle remainswas left unknown.
In ''[[XY093|All Eyes on the Future!]]'', while hePikachu wasn't chosen for Ash's Double Battle with [[Olympia]], Pikachubut he did help Ash keep track of when the {{m|Future Sight}} from Olympia's two {{p|Meowstic}} would strike, by using his tail as a makeshift timer. This eventually allowed Frogadier and Talonflame to turn the attack against them, and ultimately win the battle.
In ''[[XY098|Dream a Little Dream from Me!]]'', after the ganggroup viewed the [[Litleonids|Litleonid meteor shower]], Pikachu gotwas pulled into [[Squishy]]'s dream by a {{p|Darkrai}}. In the dream, the group's Pokémon were either in their evolved or pre-evolved formforms and could speak human language, while humans spoke like Pokémon. Freaked out by this, Pikachu fled and ran into Meowth, who had also been pulled into the dream. Pikachu and Meowth then encountered a talking Squishy. Suddenly, a flaming ghost appeared, whoand attacked them. They eventually managed to escape, fromafter it andwhich Squishy then revealed a glimpse of its true strength to Pikachu and Meowth. Pikachu and Meowth tried to help Squishy gettingget to its home so it could gain this strength. On their way, they gotwere attacked by the flaming ghost again and Pikachu decided to battle it. Pikachu's attacks, however, couldn't land, but he was soon aided by the group's Pokémon, and together, they managed to defeat the creature. In the end, Pikachu, Meowth, and Squishy were wokenawakened by Clemont's invention.
In ''[[XY105|Party Dancecapades!]]'', Pikachu partnered up with [[Miette]]'s {{p|Slurpuff}} in a dance party hosted by [[Monsieur Pierre]]. Later, Pikachu was used in a Tag Battle along with Serena's Eevee, where he faced James's Inkay and Miette's Slurpuff. Pikachu scored a direct hit on Slurpuff with Quick AttackEventually, who then quickly recovered and fired off an Energy Ball. Pikachu, however, got saved by Eevee's Swift and after dodging a Psybeam from Inkay, he hit the Revolving Pokémon with Iron Tail. Pikachu and Eeveethey were then forced to jump in order to avoid another Psybeam, but got trapped after landing in Slurpuff's {{m|Cotton Spore}}. Unable to escape, Pikachuwhich andleft Eevee werethem vulnerable to Inkay's Psybeam and got hit hard. Pikachu then stepped in and got hit by Inkay's Tackle meant forWith Eevee. Later, while Eevee struggled to getbadly upinjured, Pikachu continuedtried to battle usingalone, Electrowithout Ballmuch and then blocked Slurpuff's Energy Ball with Thunderboltsuccess. AfterHowever, Eevee's Evolutionevolved into Sylveon, Sylveon managed toand defeatdefeated both Inkay and Slurpuff with {{m|Fairy Wind}}, giving Ash and Serena the win.
In ''[[XY106|A Meeting of Two Journeys!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's second Pokémon used in another three -round battle against Sawyer, where he faced Sawyer's {{p|Honedge}}. Pikachu used Iron Tail to counter Honedge's Fury Cutter and then defeated it with a Thunderbolt.
In ''[[XY121|Seeing the Forest for the Trees!]]'', Pikachu was very worried as Ash had left into the [[Kalos Route 20|Winding Woods]] alone, and spent most of the episode trying to find Ash. Eventually, Team Rocket tried to catch Pikachu but when Pikachu tried to fend them off, they were actually underwhelmed by his power, implying that without Ash's friendship motivating him Pikachu was not able to perform as strong as usual. After Ash returned at the end of the episode, an overjoyed Pikachu was able to quickly send Team Rocket blasting off.