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* In {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, Wally challenges the {{player}} near the exit of {{ho|Victory Road}}, whereas in {{v2|Emerald}}, he is met after crossing the first bridge. Despite this, the [[rematch]]es with him occur near the end of Victory Road, regardless of the game.
* In the [[Generation III]] games, it is possible for the capture tutorial to end with Ralts [[fainting]]. This can only happen if Zigzagoon is generated with 11 Attack, and the wild Ralts has a [[Nature]] that lowers Defense, an {{IV}} of 3 or less in HP, and 5 or less in Defense. With all this, Zigzagoon can do a maximum of 10 damage with its first {{m|Tackle}}, and after {{m|Growl}} is used on it, 7 with its second. This makes for a total of 17 damage, just enough to knock out Ralts. However, the game continues on as if it had been caught. The probability of this occurring is (182/800)*(4/25)*(4/32)*(6/32)*(5/16)*(7/16), or about 1 in 8574.
** In the Generation III games, it is also possible for Wally to catch a {{Shiny}} Ralts in the tutorial. However, it will not stay Shiny in subsequent battles.
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