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Oshawott (Pokémon)

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Oshawott is based on a {{wp|sea otter}} pup and {{wp|samurai}}.<ref> (archived link)</ref>. The way that Oshawott'sits [[Scalchop and seamitar|scalchop]] rests on its belly resembles the way otters look when cracking open shells to eat. This scalchop also holds similarities with {{wp|Japanese war fan}}s, which were often used by samurai for defensive purposes. [[Ken Sugimori]] said that Oshawott and its {{p|Dewott|evolution}}sevolved forms were the hardest for the team to design during production, as conceptualizing its {{p|Samurott|evolution}}sevolved forms were difficult. They eventually settled on a samurai theme, and a trip to an aquarium inspired them to incorporate elements of sea lions.<ref></ref>
====Name origin====