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Emboar (Pokémon)

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Emboar is based on the character of Zhang Fei of ''{{wp|Romance of the Three Kingdoms}}''.<ref> (archived link)</ref> [[Ken Sugimori]] has said that {{p|Tepig}}, {{p|Pignite}}, and Emboar were designed in a Chinese style. Because of this, Emboar may be based on {{wp|Zhu Bajie}}, a pig demon from the Chinese tale ''{{wp|Journey to the West}}''. {{p|Infernape}} is also based on a character from the novel, {{wp|Sun Wukong}}, and has a similar design. Emboar looks much like a {{wp|British Saddleback}} or {{wp|wild boar}} in a {{wp|wrestling singlet}}. The swirl pattern around its abdomen resembles the patterns on a ''{{wp|Ding (vessel)|ding}}'' or {{wp|Pottery of ancient Greece|ancient Greek pottery}}. The fire in its Shiny coloration refers to blue fire, which generally indicates a higher temperature than orange fire but may also be caused by certain chemicals burning at a normal temperature.
====Name origin====