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Snivy (Pokémon)

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Snivy may be based on a variety of green {{wp|vine snake}} species with a pointed snout, including ''{{wp|Oxybelis fulgidus}}'', ''{{wp|Ahaetulla nasuta}}'', and ''{{wp|Ahaetulla prasina}}''. Snivy's color scheme is similar to its species' possible namesake, the {{wp|smooth green snake|grass snake}}. The Pokémon's combination of snake- and lizard-like features is also similar to that of the {{wp|Florida sand skink}}, a lizard that resembles a snake with small, stubby legs. The shape of its head, body, and the protrusions on its shoulders may be based on the {{wp|Strelitzia|bird of paradise}} or {{wp|Heliconia|false bird of paradise}} flowers. [[Ken Sugimori]] has said that Snivy, Servine, and Serperior are based on French royalty, specifically mentioning the anime ''{{wp|The Rose of Versailles}}'' as inspiration.<ref> (archived link)</ref>
====Name origin====