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Heatran (Pokémon)

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Heatran is most likely based on volcanic remains. Its {{t|Steel}} type references how the {{wp|Earth's inner core}} is made of solid metal under immense pressure. It may be also based on a generic volcano monster: in the ancient mythologies of most cultures, volcano'sthe eruptions of eruptionvolcanoes waswere explained by the presence of a fire monster insideliving within it, often a {{wp|dragon}}. It may also be based on a turtle, as the {{game|Platinum}} [[Pokédex]] entry states that it is melted in parts because of its own heat. and inIn the artwork, bits of metal, which may possibly be a melted shell, can be seen on its body. Due to the fact that it crawls on the ceiling and learns the move {{m|Bug Bite}}, it may also be based on some larger variants of insects, particularly {{wp|cockroach}}es.
====Name origin====