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Meowth Balloon
====Meowth Balloon====
[[File:Team Rocket Balloon SM.jpg|250px|thumb|The balloon in the {{series|Sun & Moon}}]]
The Meowth Balloon has often been Team Rocket's main mode of [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|transportation]], first used in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]''. It can be given many attachments including rockets, vacuums, nets, fists, and cages. The balloon has been changed on certain occasions as well. It was changed to other Pokémon, such as {{p|Wobbuffet}} or {{p|Gliscor}}, and even items, as in a {{i|Poké Ball}}. It appeared regularly until the {{series|Best Wishes}}.
The original balloon design was a Meowth head with a raised paw and tail at the back. The basket was green and had two beige sandbags.