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Charmeleon (Pokémon)

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Red's Charmeleon
[[File:Red Charmeleon PO.png|thumb|left|250px|Charmeleon in [[Pokémon Origins]]]]
====[[Red's Charmeleon]]====
{{OBP|Red|Origins}}'s {{p|Charmander}} evolved into a Charmeleon some time after Red beat [[Misty]] but before he faced [[Lt. Surge]] between ''[[PO01|File 1: Red]]'' and ''[[PO02|File 2: Cubone]]''. It later evolved into a {{TP|Red|Charizard}} after Red defeated [[Koga]] between ''[[PO02|File 2: Cubone]]'' and ''[[PO03|File 3: Giovanni]]''.
Although its nomenclature suggests commonality with the {{wp|chameleon}}, its Japanese name, ''Lizardo'', clarifies that Charmeleon is rather based on lizards, with the ''chameleon'' term being used to make a word play in the English name. As such, Charmeleon doesn't have the traits that set chameleons apart from lizards, with the main traits derived from it having an appearance which is intermediate between that of Charmander and that of Charizard, reflecting its role in Charmander's evolutionary family.
As confirmed by ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', what seems to be a head crest is rather a horn that then becomes the twin horns of Charizard. Similarly, the snout is slightly more protruding than that of Charmander, but still rather short and rounded compared to Charizard's snout. The hands themselves are more developed compared to the original three-fingered ones of Charmander, having visible white claws while not yet having the separate fingers of Charizard. Finally, Charmeleon doesn't feature a {{wp|prehensile tail}}, and said tail is rather used as a weapon.
====Name origin====