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Charmeleon (Pokémon)

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Origin: Ultimately, with Charmeleon being designed as the intermediate form between Charmander and Charizard and being named Lizardo in Japan, it's probably better to clarify this section
Charmeleon resembles a small dinosaur with remnants of {{p|Charmander}}'s {{wp|salamander}}-like appearance, with the body plan of a {{wp|therapodtheropod}} and a single horn on the top of the head, crestitself ofbearing a resemblance with theropod''s crests such as the one of {{wp| Parasaurolophus}}''.
Although its nomenclature suggests commonality with the {{wp|chameleon}}, its Japanese name, ''Lizardo'', clarifies that Charmeleon exhibitsis veryrather fewbased ofon lizards, with the major''chameleon'' physiologicallyterm distinguishingbeing traitsused ofto make a word play in the chameleonEnglish name. As such, Charmeleon does notdoesn't have the specializedtraits {{wp|Dactyly#Zygodactyly|zygodactylic}}that feet,set separatelychameleons mobileapart eyes,from extrudable tonguelizards, orwith the abilitymain totraits {{wp|Chameleon#Changederived from it having an appearance which is intermediate between that of color|changeCharmander colorand that of {{p|Charizard}}, likereflecting someits membersrole ofin theCharmander's chameleonevolution speciesfamily. TheAs fewconfirmed characteristicsby it''[[M20|Pokémon doesthe shareMovie: areI theChoose snoutYou!]]'', awhat prominentseems to be a head crest (whichis resemblesrather a small horn inthat itsthen Generationbecomes Ithe backtwin sprite)horns of Charizard, similarly the snout is slightly more protruding than that of Charmander, but still rather short and extensiverounded usecompared to Charizard's snout. The hands themselves are more developed compared to the original three-fingered ones of itsCharmander, tailhaving visible white claws while not yet having the separate fingers of Charizard. ChameleonsFinally, haveCharmeleon doesn't feature a {{wp|prehensile tail}}s used for climbing and grasping, whilesaid Charmeleontail utilizesis itsrather tailused as a weapon.
====Name origin====