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Rapp debuted in ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]'', where she, [[Zipp]], and [[Tupp]] challenged {{an|Kiawe}} to a {{pkmn|battle}} with his {{TP|Kiawe|Charizard}} on the line. Rapp and the other {{tc|Team Skull Grunt|Grunts}} took on his {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} nine against one, until {{Ash}} came to assist Kiawe with his {{AP|Pikachu}}. After a short battle, Rapp and her partners were defeated by Turtonator's [[Z-Move]] {{m|Inferno Overdrive}}, forcing them to retreat.
In [[SM129]], Rapp competed in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. She and her teammates ganged up on Ilima and his Eevee, only to be defeated. In [[SM130]], Rapp watched Guzma battle Ilima alongside his fellow Team Skull Grunts and watched as her leader managed to defeat Ilima. In [[SM134]], Rapp and her teammates unsuccessfully attempted to intimidate {{an|Lana}} before her match against Guzma. Later, she cheered for Guzma during the battle.
Rapp reappeared in [[SM135]] and will reappear in [[SM135SM136]].