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In the anime
In [[SM131]], it was revealed that {{an|Lana}} would be Guzma's opponent in the second round. In [[SM134]], Guzma and Lana began their battle, with Guzma using Golisopod against [[Lana's Primarina]]. With his ruthless tactics, Guzma was able to defeat Lana with relative ease and advance to the semifinals. The match-ups revealed that he would battling Ash in the semifinals.
Guzma reappeared in [[SM135]] and will reappear in [[SM136]] and [[SM137]].
In [[SM136]], Guzma went up against Ash, using his Scizor to battle his {{AP|Torracat}}. He quickly recalled Scizor in favor of using Golisopod, only for Emergency Exit to activate like his previous battle with Ash. As a result, Scizor was brought out and quickly defeated by {{m|Fire Blast}}. Though he wasn't happy with Golisopod, Guzma sent it out to battle once again.
Guzma will reappear in [[SM137]].
|vaen=Ryan William Downey
|desc={{p|Golisopod}} is Guzma's first known Pokémon. It was first used to battle [[Ash's Pikachu]], but the match ended prematurely when Golisopod returned to its {{i|Poké Ball}} due to Emergency Exit. It was used again in the second round of the Alola League, where it emerged victorious against Lana's Primarina.
Golisopod was sent out against [[Ash's Torracat]] in the semifinals. The two were evenly matched, with Golisopod taking several hard hits. Golisopod proved to be just as fond of using dirty tactics as its Trainer, such as when it used Emergency Exit once faced with a {{m|Fire Blast}}, forcing Scizor to come out and take the attack despite having a double type-disadvantage to it. This led to Scizor being knocked out, infuriating Guzma, who had a different strategy in mind that was now ruined.
Golisopod's known moves are {{m|First Impression}}, {{m|Pin Missile}}, {{m|Liquidation}}, {{m|Poison Jab}}, and {{m|Throat Chop}}, and its [[Ability]] is {{a|Emergency Exit}}.}}
In [[SM130]], Scizor was used by Guzma to battle [[Ilima]] and his {{p|Kangaskhan}}. Despite Ilima [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolving]] Kangaskhan, Scizor was able to defeat its opponent through strategy, allowing Guzma to progress to the second round.
In [[SM136]], Scizor knownwas movesthe arefirst Pokémon Guzma used during his battle against Ash in the semifinals, where it went up against {{mAP|Bullet PunchTorracat}}. After using U-turn, Scizor returned to its {{mi|AgilityPoké Ball}}, and switched with Golisopod due to it having a double type-disadvantage against Torracat. However, Golisopod retreated from a {{m|X-ScissorFire Blast}} and sent out Scizor without warning, leaving it with no time to prepare for or counter the move. As a result, Scizor took a direct hit and was knocked out immediately.}}
Scizor known moves are {{m|Bullet Punch}}, {{m|Agility}}, {{m|X-Scissor}}, and {{m|U-turn}}.}}
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