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In the anime
==In the anime==
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[[File:Guzma anime.png|thumb|250px|Guzma in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Guzma debuted in ''[[SM115|The Dealer of Destruction!]]'', where he watched from Team Skull's base at the [[Shady House]] as {{an|Professor Kukui}} announced the [[Alola League]] on [[television|TV]]. The next day, he; [[Plumeria]]; and {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s [[Tupp]], [[Zipp]], and [[Rapp]] arrived on [[Melemele Island]]. There, he met {{TRT}} and quickly defeated them. Guzma later arrived at the [[Pokémon School]] and confronted Professor Kukui, before being challenged to a {{pkmn|battle}} by {{Ash}}, which he accepted.
In [[SM131]], it was revealed that {{an|Lana}} would be Guzma's opponent in the second round. In [[SM134]], Guzma and Lana began their battle, with Guzma using Golisopod against [[Lana's Primarina]]. With his ruthless tactics, Guzma was able to defeat Lana with relative ease and advance to the semifinals. The match-ups revealed that he would battling Ash in the semifinals.
Guzma will reappearreappeared in [[SM135]], and will reappear in [[SM136]], and [[SM137]].