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* The gender of Zook's Shadow Zangoose is not set in stone until it is sent out against the player at the [[Cipher Key Lair]]. Due to appearing twice before such a point, this particular Zangoose can potentially change its gender up to two times over the course of events. An example of this might consist of Zangoose's being female when facing [[Ardos]] at [[Gateon Port]], male when facing [[Biden]] at Cipher Key Lair, and female again when facing the player at Cipher Key Lair.
* Despite Zangoose and {{p|Seviper}} being mortal enemies, Zook has both of them in his [[Party|team]], and it is possible for both of them to be out on the field at the same time.
* In the demo version of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Zook has a Shadow {{p|Shellder}} on his team.
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