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Kiawe's Marowak

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In the anime
In [[SM131]], Kiawe used Marowak in his battle against [[Acerola]] and her {{p|Gengar}}, the Greedy Rapooh, during the first round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. At first, the two {{t|Ghost}} types were fairly evenly matched, but Marowak was soon affected by Greedy Rapooh's {{a|Cursed Body}}, leaving it unable to move as Greedy Rapooh {{m|Thief|stole}} its bone club and attacked it repeatedly. After Cursed Body's effect wore off, Marowak surprised everyone by diving into Greedy Rapooh's body and retrieving its bone. Afterwards, Marowak was able to defeat Greedy Rapooh with {{m|Shadow Bone}}, winning the match for Kiawe and moving him on to the second round. In celebration of their win, Kiawe joined his partner's victory dance.
In [[SM135]], Kiawe used Marowak as his first Pokémon in his Manalo Conference semifinals battle against {{an|Gladion}}, wheresending it wentout upto againstface his[[Gladion's Lycanroc]]. onlyDespite being able to beland an {{m|Iron Head}} onto Lycanroc, Marowak also took heavy damage from its opponent's repeated {{m|Stone Edge}}s, soon causing it to defeatedfaint.
===Personality and characteristics===