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In ''[[SM123|A Fiery Training Camp Trick!]]'', Mimo wanted to go camping with Kiawe, Sophocles, and Ash, only for Sima to say they weren't going camping for fun. Mimo later visited the camp alongside Sima to provide food to the boys.
In [[SM135]], Mimo arrived at [[Manalo Stadium]] to cheer for Kiawe during his battle against {{an|Gladion}}. She confronted [[Tupp]], [[Zipp]], and [[Rapp]] who were spray painting Graffiti on the floors, only for them to send out their Pokémon. She was saved by Gladion and his {{TP|Gladion|Silvally}} and walked back with him where she was reunited with Kiawe. Mimo later sat with Kiawe's classmates in the stands and watched the battle between Kiawe and Gladion. While Mimo, cheering hisher brother on.
Mimo will reappear in [[SM136]].