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==In the anime==
[[File:Vito Winstrate.png‎|thumb|250px|Vito]]
In ''[[AG046|Candid Camerupt]]'', {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} became stranded in the heat of the desert, but were saved by the Winstrate family. VictoryVictor revealed that two months prior, Vito, the son of the family, had left on his own journey to become a Hoenn League Champion. After giving them a tour of their house and yard, which included a purpose-built battlefield, they decided to challenge them to a four-on-four {{pkmn|battle}}.
First, {{an|Brock}} battled against Victor. [[Brock's Mudkip]] was quickly defeated by Victor's {{p|Zigzagoon}}'s {{m|Thunderbolt}}, much to the group's surprise. Next, {{an|May}}, who used {{TP|May|Beautifly}}, fought against Victoria and her {{p|Roselia}}. May won the round by using a strategy similar to that of the one she used against [[Drew's Roselia]] in the {{ci|Slateport}} [[Pokémon Contest]], defeating her opponent with {{m|Gust}} and {{m|Silver Wind}}. In the next round, Max borrowed [[Ash's Corphish]] to fight against Vivi and her {{p|Marill}}. Max ordered Corphish to go easy on Marill, but Corphish ignored him and viciously attacked its opponent, causing an instant knockout. This gave Max the win, but it was a hollow victory, as he had a crush on Vivi and because of that loss she no longer showed interest in him.