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May (anime)

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|desc=May befriended a {{p|Swablu}} thatafter wasfinding separatedit fromwith itsan flockinjured whenwing thefollowing treea itslightning flock was nestingstorm in wasa strucknature by lightningpreserve. MayShe helpednursed it back to carehealth forover Swablu,several whodays hadwith injuredthe itssupport wing,of but{{an|Brock}} and the Pokémonothers, wasand suddenlywent afraidon to teach it how to fly again. AfterShe theintended wingto wasreturn healed,Swablu itto tookits {{Ash}}flock, andbut {{ashfr}}when somethe timegroup toarrived helpat Swabluthe getlakeside thenesting couragespot tono flyflock againwas in sight. AtMay theoffered endSwablu ofa theplace episodeon her team, Swabluseeing wasas reunitedthey withhad become good friends. However its flock appeared and Swablu left with them.
Swablu's only known move is {{m|Sing}}.}}