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The episode begins with {{Ash}}, all geared up for a heated battle against [[Island Kahuna|Kahuna]] [[Olivia]]. But to his astonishment, every time he throws a {{i|Poké Ball}}, it fails to release the Pokémon residing inside, and drops down ineffectively. SuddenlyWondering what's wrong, aAsh pick up one of the Poké BallBalls, getswhen enlargedit enlarges dramatically, and turns into a {{p|Voltorb}}, momentswhich before itthen electrocutes Ash. Ash wakes up panting heavily, drenched in cold sweat;, emitting such a loud scream that it wakes his sleeping classmates. Later at the breakfast table, Ash declares that he just can't wait for his upcoming grand trial against Olivia. But both {{an|Professor Kukui}} and Olivia remind him that he first has to clear the [[Island challenge|island trial]].
Kukui and Olivia inform the students that, as part of their daily curriculum, they will be divided into three teams, provided with maps with some basic information, to fetch all the ingredients that are essential to prepare the island's years-old delicacy: the Akala curry. {{an|Kiawe}} and {{an|Lillie}} are paired, followed by {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Sophocles}}, and lastly, Ash and {{an|Mallow}}. The three items Ash and Mallow are to collect are [[Mago Berry]], [[Revival Herb]] and [[Miracle Seed]]. Mallow is excited and states that Miracle Seeds are exceedingly rare. As Ash and Mallow begin to leave, Olivia calls Mallow back and shares some secret with her, unbeknownst to Ash.