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Grovyle showed amazing cooperation with Slugma when they battled against [[Ash's Treecko]] and {{AP|Corphish}}. During the battle, Ash's Treecko started off with a {{m|Pound}} against Grovyle, and Corphish used {{m|Bubble Beam}} on Slugma. Grovyle dodged the Pound and fired a Bullet Seed at the Bubble Beam. This neutralized the Bubble Beam, protecting Slugma. Grovyle landed several Leaf Blades on Corphish, leaving it exhausted. The battle went on with Corphish and Slugma defeating each other until {{TRT}} disrupted them.
Team Rocket appeared in their {{p|Cacnea}} [[Team Rocket's mechas|mecha]], but in the end they were sent blasting off. The match resumed but in the end, Natasha won the match, due to Grovyle's own BlulutBullet Seed proving too powerful.
Grovyle's known moves are {{m|Bullet Seed}}, {{m|Leaf Blade}}, and {{m|Solar Beam}}.}}