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List of Team Rocket's disguises

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{{series|Advanced Generation}}
|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG036.png|150px]]
|''[[AG036|The Spheal of Approval]]''
|The trio poses as snow cone vendors inoutside [[Slateport City]]'s [[Oceanic Museum]].
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|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG039.png|150px]]
|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG042.png|150px]]
|''[[AG042|Love at First Flight]]''
|JessieTeam andRocket Jamesdisguise performMeowth theiras a {{mottop|Volbeat}} asto ansnatch [[Juliet]]'s {{p|Illumise}}. Jessie and James later performs their {{p|Volbeatmotto}} as an Illumise and Volbeat, respectively. Like the actual Pokémon, the costumes' tails light up.
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|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG044.png|150px]]
|''[[AG062|Disguise Da Limit]]''
|Jessie performs in the [[Verdanturf City]] Contest as "Jesslana".
In ''[[AG115|Mean with Envy]]'' and ''[[AG116|Pacifidlog Jam]]'', Jessie competed in the [[Pacifidlog Town]] Contest as "The Jester", using this disguise paired with dark sunglasses.
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|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG068.png|150px]]
|''[[AG111|Eight Ain't Enough]]''
|In their money-making scheme, James poses as [[Sootopolis City]] [[Gym Leader]] [[Juan]].
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|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG116.png|150px]]
|''[[AG115|Mean with Envy]]''
|Jessie enters the Pacifidlog Contest as "The Jester", which continues on in ''[[AG116|Pacifidlog Jam]]''.
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|[[File:Team Rocket Disguise AG117.png|150px]]