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|vajp=Yūji Ueda
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|desc={{p|Vigoroth}} was first seen in ''[[AG003|There's no Place Like Hoenn]]'' after [[Norman]] agreed to have an unofficial [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} with {{Ash}} duebecause tohe his lack of havinghad less than three Pokémon at the time. After a tough battle with [[Ash's Pikachu]], Vigoroth managed to defeat him. Later, it helped in destroying one of [[Team Rocket's mechas]] that was attacking the Gym.
It reappeared inIn ''[[AG069|Love, Petalburg Style!]]'', when {{an|May}}, [[Max]], {{an|Brock}}, and {{ho|Kenny}} saw itVigoroth hanging from a brunch at a place where Norman keeps his Pokémon. It then hugged Max. Team Rocket also planned to steal it for {{an|Giovanni}}, along with {{p|Slakoth}} and {{p|Slaking}}. When Ash arrived at the forestgreenhouse, Vigoroth fell onto Ashhim. Ash was happy to see Vigoroth again.
Vigoroth was seen again inIn ''[[AG070|Balance of Power]]'', in Ash and Norman's official Gym battle, where itVigoroth was the second Pokémon used by theNorman in his official Gym Leaderbattle with Ash. It at firstinitially managed to easily dodge {{AP|Torkoal}}'s {{m|Overheat}}, and knocked out {{AP|Torkoal}} with {{m|Scratch}}. After this, it had an intense battle with Ash's {{AP|Pikachu}}. Norman ordered Vigoroth to use Scratch, but was surprised when Ash told Pikachu to take the hit. Vigoroth's Scratch attack hit home, but the powerful Pokémon was suddenly paralyzed by Pikachu's innate {{a|Static}} [[Ability]]. Seizing the opportunity, Pikachu attacked with {{m|Iron Tail}}, knocking Vigoroth out. However, Pikachu wasted all of his energy, and was also knocked out in the process.
It reappeared in flashbacks in ''[[AG057|Going for a Spinda]]'', ''[[AG068|A Double Dilemma]]'', and the Japanese version of ''[[AG089|A Scare to Remember!]]''.
|desc=Norman's {{p|Slakoth}} first appeared in ''[[AG069|Love, Petalburg Style!]]'', in a greenhouse where Norman keeps his Pokémon. It appeared again in ''[[AG070|Balance of Power!]]'', during Norman's battle with Ash. The match started with Norman's Slakoth against Ash's Pikachu. Utilizing Pikachu's speed, Ash ordered Pikachu to use {{m|Quick Attack}}. Slakoth dodged this and counterattacked with Shadow Ball. Jumping out of the way, Pikachu attacked with {{m|Iron Tail}} but missed once again as Slakoth leaned out of the way. Dazed, Pikachu was unable to dodge Slakoth's Hidden Power, and was blasted across the arena.
As Pikachu recovered from Hidden Power, Ash realized that he needed to change his strategy. He decided to try {{t|Electric}} attacks and ordered Pikachu to attack with {{m|Thunderbolt}}. However, Slakoth dodged this attack as well, and responded with Blizzard. The incredible cold kept Pikachu from attacking back, so Ash recalled him and sent out {{AP|Torkoal}} instead. Torkoal used {{m|Flamethrower}}, which easily blasted through Slakoth's Blizzard and scored a direct hit, knocking Slakoth out.
It made a cameo appearance in ''[[AG122|Deceit and Assist]]'', where it was watching May competing in the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] on [[television]].
|vajp=Unshō Ishizuka
|vaen=Dan Green
|desc={{p|Slaking}} made its debutdebuted in ''[[AG069|Love, Petalburg Style!]]'', in whichwhere it was staying in Norman's greenhouse with the rest of his Pokémon. It later battled against [[Ash's Grovyle]] in Ash's Gym Battlebattle against Norman, but was ultimately defeated.}}
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