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Celadon Gym

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In the anime
However, battle was interrupted by Team Rocket, who set off a bomb in order to cover their escape with what they assumed was the Gym's secret perfume's secret formula, setting the entire Gym ablaze. While most of the Pokémon inside were evacuated safely, Erika's {{p|Gloom}} was accidentally left behind, promoting Ash to enter the burning building in order to save it. After the fire was put out, Erika gave Ash a {{badge|Rainbow}} as thanks for saving her Pokémon, as well as revealing that Team Rocket had actually only stolen one of the perfume ingredients, the essence of Gloom, much to the Rocket trio's dismay and disgust.
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, the Celadon Gym is a giant greenhouse, where Erika's multiple {{type|Grass}} Pokémon wander around while they're not used for battles.
====Pokémon used in Gym====