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Cinnabar Gym

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In the anime
===In the main series===
[[File:Former Cinnabar Gym.png|thumb|250px|The abandoned Cinnabar Gym]]
The Cinnabar Gym has two sections in the {{pkmn|anime}}. One is inside of the volcanoCinnabar Volcano and has ana arenabattlefield suspended over the lava inside one of the chambers. The other, arenaalternate battlefield is inat the top cratersummit of the volcano, itself.formed by multiple stone pillars standing in the volcano's crater
In ''[[EP058|Riddle Me This]]'', {{Ash}} was trying to locate the Gym so he could challenge Blainethe Cinnabar [[Gym Leader]] to a {{pkmn|battle}}. He was informed by a man who liked telling riddles that the Gym was abandoned when Cinnabar Island became a tourist trap. However, the man eventually told Ash that the Gym Leader, [[Blaine]], had built another Gym in a secret location, althoughand helater onlygave hintedthem ata hint of its location viathrough a riddle. WhenAfter accidentally discovering the Gym's secret entrance at the riddler's spa, they entered the Gym and found the riddling man himself, who revealed himself to have been Blaine in disguise all along. Ash and Blaine then battled, but Ash suffered multiple misfortunes, with his {{ashfrAP|Squirtle}} wentlosing into afterBlaine's accidentally{{p|Ninetales}}, discovering{{AP|Charizard}} therefusing entranceto battle {{p|Rhydon}}, theyand learned{{AP|Pikachu}} thatbeing severely burned and almost falling to the riddlerlava waswhile actuallyfighting [[Blaine's inMagmar]]. disguiseAs such, Ash eventually forfeited the match.
AshIn and''[[EP059|Volcanic Blaine battledPanic]]'', butafter Ash{{TRT}} sufferedhad aaccidentally seriesalmost ofcaused misfortunes.the TheCinnabar firstVolcano wasto hiserupt {{AP|Squirtle}}and beingdestroy defeated[[Cinnabar byIsland]], Blaine's {{p|Ninetales}}.agreed Then,to hisa {{AP|Charizard}}[[rematch]] refusedwith toAsh listenon tohis him.alternate Finally,battlefield {{AP|Pikachu}}at receivedthe severetop burnsof causedthe byvolcano. [[Blaine'sThis Magmar]]'stime, powerfulAsh {{m|Firewas Blast}}.able Ashto calleddefeat offBlaine with the battle,help notof wantinghis PikachuCharizard toand getits injured{{m|Seismic anyToss}}, furtherearning him a {{badge|Volcano}}.
InThe Cinnabar Gym briefly reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP059EP073|VolcanicBad PanicTo The Bone]]'', afterwhere [[Otoshi]] and his {{TRTp|Marowak}} hadwere almostshown destroyeddefeating Blaine's GymMagmar (and Cinnabar Island asin a result), he agreed to a rematch with Ash on his alternate battlefield at the top of the volcano. This time, Ash was able to defeat Blaine with the help of his Charizard and its {{m|Seismic Toss}}, earning him his seventhGym Badgebattle.
The Cinnabar Gym briefly reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP073|Bad To The Bone]]'', which revealed that [[Otoshi]] and his {{p|Marowak}} defeated Blaine's Magmar in a Gym battle.
====Pokémon used in Gym====