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Celadon Gym

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In the anime
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
The Celadon Gym appeared in ''[[EP026|Pokémon Scent-sation!]]''. {{Ash}} wanted to challenge Erikathe [[Gym Leader]] to a Gym {{pkmn|battle}}, but the workers at the Gym refused to allow his entry because he had earlier criticized a {{wp|perfume}} shop the Gym made perfumes for. With help from {{TRT}}, sayingAsh, thatin allthe theyguise doof is"[[Ashley]]", turnwas menable intoto zombiesenter the Gym. TheyHowever, kicked{{AP|Pikachu}} himsaw outthrough ofhis thedisguise shopand for{{m|Thunder insultingShock}}ed them.him Whento Ashreveal foundhis outattempted thatdeception theto Gymeveryone iselse. whereAsh thethen perfumechallenged was[[Erika]] manufactured,to hea wasGym battle, which visiblyshe shockedaccepted.
WithHowever, helpbattle fromwas {{TRT}},interrupted Ashby Team Rocket, who set off a bomb in order to cover their escape with what they assumed was the guiseGym's ofsecret "[[Ashley]]",perfume's gainedsecret entryformula, intosetting the entire Gym ablaze. HoweverWhile most of the Pokémon inside were evacuated safely, Erika's {{APp|PikachuGloom}} recognizedwas thataccidentally left behind, promoting Ash to enter the burning building in order to save it. After the fire was himput out, andErika gave Ash a {{mbadge|Thunder ShockRainbow}}ed himas tothanks revealfor Ash'ssaving attemptedher deceptionPokémon, toas everyonewell elseas inrevealing thethat Gym.Team AfterRocket challenginghad Erika,actually sheonly acceptedstolen hisone challenge,of sayingthe it'sperfume againstingredients, [[Pokémonthe League]]essence rulesof Gloom, much to refusethe aRocket trio's dismay and challengedisgust.
Their battle was short-lived due to Team Rocket stealing the perfume. They detonated several bombs for their getaway, setting the Gym ablaze. However, thanks to the Pokémon of Ash, {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}}, the Gym survived. After the fire was put out, Erika gave Ash the {{badge|Rainbow}} as a thanks for saving her {{p|Gloom}} from the flames.
====Pokémon used in Gym====