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Vermilion Gym

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In the anime
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
Vermilion Gym's only {{pkmn|anime}} appearance was in ''[[EP014|Electric Shock Showdown]]''. Its appearance isresembles similarthat toof a warehouse, with lightning bolts painted on it, and the arena inside is a dimly-lit boxing ring. The {{pkmn|battle}}s are one on oneLt. OneSurge significantalso differencehas fromseveral thejunior {{pkmn|gamesTrainer}}s is that Lt. Surge was shown to have junior Trainers that are both male and female, and wearingin military-style uniforms. Inworking theunder games, his junior Trainers are all male, and none of them wear military-style uniformshim.
{{Ash}} challengedand Lt.{{ashfr}} Surgearrived toat athe Gym for Ash's third Gym battle, hopingwith toSurge acquirecalling hisAsh thirda However,and Surgecalling justhim laughedout whenon henot sawhaving [[Ash's PikachuEvolution|evolved]], claiminghis it{{AP|Pikachu}} couldyet. neverAsh beatwas determined to prove Surge wrong, but his Pikachu was easily defeated by Surge's {{TP|Lt. Surge|Raichu}}. PikachuLater, decidedAsh to provechallenged Surge wrongto a [[rematch]], andhaving wentfigured aheadout inthat battlingRaichu's weakness was that it. Howeverhad evolved too fast, itsnever [[evolutionlearning the speed moves it could only learn as a {{p|evolvedPikachu}}. form]]With provedhis tosuperior bespeed muchand morenew powerful{{m|Agility}} and {{m|Quick Attack}}, Ash's Pikachu was able to overwhelm Surge's Raichu and defeat it, easilyearning defeatedAsh Pikachuthe {{badge|Thunder}} and Surge's respect.
After doing some training, Ash and Pikachu returned to the Gym. Surge once again felt that the battle was hopeless. What he didn't know was that in between the battles, Ash had taught Pikachu how to use {{m|Quick Attack}} and {{m|Agility}}. This gave Pikachu the advantage, allowing Ash to win the match. Afterwards, Surge gave Ash his Badge, conceding that Ash knew what he was doing.
====Pokémon used in Gym====