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* Erika's Japanese Leader title is {{tt|自然を愛するお嬢様|Nature-loving Lady}}.
* Erika's {{game|Yellow}} sprite was altered from the original {{pkmn|games}}. The only other significant opponents to be changed were {{ga|Blue}}, [[Brock]], and [[Misty]], based on their prominent anime counterparts.
** BecauseThe ofchange thiswas change,made to correct an error with her kimono. becameIn crossedthe leftoriginal oversprite, rightit insteadis ofcrossed right over left, whicha is generallystyle reserved for dressingthe deceased peopleat duringfunerals; theirthe funeralsupdated sprite has it properly crossed left over right.
* In every {{pkmn|battle}} against Erika, at least one of her Pokémon knows a {{status|sleep}}-inducing move.
* Erika, along with [[Janine]], are the only [[Kanto]] [[Gym Leader]]s to give the {{player}} a TM upon their defeat in {{3v2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}.