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* In the Japanese version, Meowth will still say at least part of his name as a verbal tic, a common trait in anime. The same occurs in the early episodes of the dub, but it is far less frequent, and eventually scrapped altogether except when reciting [[Team Rocket Motto|the motto]].
* For [[DP022]], [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia]] is about Meowth. He writes this {{wp|senryū}} about it: 「ピカチュウに いつかはかちたい ニャースかな」 ''"Wanting to beat Pikachu someday, is that {{tt|Nyarth|Meowth}}?"''.
* Largely due to Meowth's trophy in ''Super Smash Bros. Melee'' directly referencing the ending theme ''[[Meowth's Party]]'', he is technically one of only two Anime main characters to get a trophy based on them in the ''Super Smash Bros.'' series (the only other being Misty in the same game, due to her appearance in the trophy being directly based on her outfit in the anime).