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Rattata (Pokémon)

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Rattata is based on a {{wp|rat}}. The shape and position of its ears might be derived from the {{wp|Fancy rat#Body type|dumbo rat}}.
Alolan Rattata may be based on how Hawaiian rats tend to be more vicious than most other areas of the world, which would explain its Dark typing. Their regular attacks on sugar cane fields forced the locals to import the {{wp|Javan mongoose|small Asian mongoose}}, explaining the relationship between {{p|Yungoos}} and Rattata. However, the small Asian mongoose is diurnal while rats are nocturnal, thus the small Asian mongoose was ineffective at its intended role and became an {{wp|invasive species}}. This is reflected in-game by the fact that Yungoos can only be found during the day, while Alolan Rattata can only be found at night.
====Name origin====