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Focus Punch (move)

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Effect: This can be easily be observed at the upper floors of the Battle Pyramid, since the wild Brelooms there know Focus Punch
Focus Punch can also be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Pokémon Contest combination]], with the user gaining extra three appeal points if move {{m|Focus Energy}} was used in the prior turn.
If Focus Punch is known by a [[wild Pokémon]] (via {{m|Transform}}, {{m|Mimic}}, or challenging the [[Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Frontier]]), and the player unsuccessfully attempts to flee the battle while the opposing Pokémon has selected Focus Punch for use during the turn, the move will be executed immediately without the charging animation or message.
===Generation IV===
If the user is hit before the attack, it will say, "<Pokémon> used Focus Punch!" before it says the "<Pokémon> lost its focus and couldn't move!". Wild Pokémon executing this move while the player unsuccessfully attempts to flee will always display the charge-up animation before executing the move.
===Generation V onward===