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Charmeleon (Pokémon)

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Charmeleon resembles a small dinosaur with remnants of {{p|Charmander}}'s {{wp|salamander}}-like appearance, with the body plan of a {{wp|therapod}} and the head crest of a ''{{wp|Parasaurolophus}}''.
Although its nomenclature suggests commonality with the {{wp|chameleon}}, Charmeleon exhibits very few of the major physiologically distinguishing traits of the chameleon. Charmeleon does not have the specialized {{wp|Dactyly#Zygodactyly|zygodactylic}} feet, separately mobile eyes, extrudable tongue, or the ability to {{wp|Chameleon#Change of color|change color}} like some members of the chameleon species. The few characteristics it does share are the snout, a prominent head crest (which resembles a small horn in its Generation I back sprite), and extensive use of its tail. Chameleons have {{wp|prehensile tail}} tailss used for climbing and grasping, while Charmeleon utilizes its tail as a weapon.
====Name origin====