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|desc='''{{p|Musharna|Musha}}''' (Japanese: '''ムシャ''' ''Musha'') is also one of Black's first Pokémon and the second he caught. Due to Black having so many dreams about conquering the Pokémon League, he can't think straight, but with Musha's ability to eat dreams, Black can "blank" his "black" mind to focus and sense things normal humans can't.
During an encounter with N in ''[[PS510|A Wretched Reunion]]'', shortly after N defeats Alder, Musha appears to leave Black. N claims that Musha only followed Black's orders because his dreams tasted good to him and kept him fed; after the taste of Black's dreams changed over the course of his adventure, Musha abandoned Black. In ''[[PS518|True Friends]]'' he returned to Black, now evolved into a Musharna, and it is revealed that Musha had left Black earlier to find a way of becoming stronger. As of ''[[PS521|The Power of Dreams]]'', he is level 5759, has a Lonely [[nature]], and his [[Characteristic]] is "takes plenty of siestas."}}