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In the anime: worry
Prior to assuming the role of [[Veilstone City]]'s [[Gym Leader]], Maylene and {{TP|Maylene|Lucario}} were regarded as formidable opponents and well-known in the Veilstone area. Her promotion to Gym Leader was welcomed by the city, but the pressure and expectations led Maylene to become increasingly distracted.
Maylene debuted in ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', where it was revealed that she had been challenged by [[Paul]] to a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} prior to the episode's events. {{cat|Paul's Pokémon}} had a [[type]] advantage over Maylene's {{type|Fighting}} [[Party|team]], and this, coupled with the fact that Maylene was feeling out of sync with her Pokémon, resulted in an embarrassing match in which she failed to [[Fainting|knock out]] a single one of his Pokémon. After being defeated, Maylene awarded Paul with the {{Badge|Cobble}}, and Paul noted that she was the weakest [[Gym Leader]] he had ever battled. As a result, Maylene lost confidence in herself as a Gym Leader, a position that she had only held for six months. Paul's rude remarks, combined with how badly Maylene performed during the battle, caused her Lucario and most of her {{cat|Gym assistants}} to lose faith in her, though mostly out of worry. When {{Ash}} challenged her, she declined, much to the annoyance of Lucario.
[[File:Maylene and Dawn.png|thumb|left|220px|Maylene and Dawn]]