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The Electric Tale of Pikachu

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VIZ Media
The Electric Tale of Pikachu was the first Pokémon manga to be translated officially into English, making its debut in {{DL|Pokémon manga samplers|VIZ Video samplers|sampler editions}} included with [[List of English language Indigo League home video releases (Region 1)|home video releases]] of the Pokémon anime and subsequently released in full as sixteen [[List of Electric Tale of Pikachu monthly issues|monthly issues]]. These sixteen monthly issues were treated as four separate series, each consisting of four issues, and ran from November 1998 through February 2000. When the issues were collected for their graphic novels, each volume was named for their four-issue arc: ''The Electric Tale of Pikachu'', ''Pikachu Shocks Back'', ''Electric Pikachu Boogaloo'' and ''Surf's Up, Pikachu''. The VIZ graphic novels do not mention any volume numbers or relation to each other, as each volume is titled as though it is a separate series.
The manga was heavily promoted by VIZ Media and was featured in several commercial advertisements. Aside from the promotional home video samplers, a collection was also released featuring the first two chapters entitled [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu Special Signature Edition Red Version|the Special Signature Edition Red Version]]. This special edition was included with a [[Pokémon Video Suitcase]] promotional set. A second edition, the Special Signature Edition Blue Version, which contains the second two chapters of the same series, was included with a second Pokemon Video Suitcase set.
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