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|it={{DL|List of Italian Pokémon themes|Il mio cuore esplorerai}} <small>''You will explore my heart''</small>
|no={{DL|List of Norwegian Pokémon themes|Du kjenner meg ut og inn}} <small>''You know me inside and out''</small>
|pl={{DL|List of Polish Pokémon themes|Nikt mnie nie zna tak, jak ty}} <small>''Nobody knows me as you do.''</small>
|pt_br={{DL|List of Brazilian Portuguese Pokémon themes|Você Me Conhece Bem}} <small>''You Know Me Well''</small>
|pt_eu={{DL|List of European Portuguese Pokémon themes|Tu Entendes Quem Eu Sou}} <small>''You Understand Who I Am''</small>