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Aipom (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
A baby Aipom appeared in ''[[EP228|Extreme Pokémon!]]'', where it was one of the Pokémon being cared for by [[Mr. Shellby]].
An Aipom appeared in the [[Banned episodes|banned episode]] [[EP250]] as one of the Pokémon residing in a forest outside the [[Ice Path]].
Multiple Aipom appeared in ''[[EP253|Great Bowls of Fire!]]'' as inhabitants of the [[Dragon Holy Land]].
An Aipom briefly appeared in ''[[M05|Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias]]'', where it watched the [[Tour de Alto Mare]], alongside a waterman chariotand his daughter. It is unclear if it belonged to them, racehowever.
Four Aipom appeared in ''[[EP259|Entei at Your Own Risk]]'' as some of the Pokémon resting in some hot springs.