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Ramona and her brother were traveling to a city near [[Olivine City]] to deliver [[Fire Stone]]s which were to be handed out as prizes for a {{type|Fire}} Pokémon competition. However, the Fire Stones were soon stolen by {{TRT}}. To recover the stones, Ramona, Brock, and {{an|Misty}} went after [[James]], while Ash and Keegan pursued [[Jessie]]. However, Ramona, Misty and Brock were led into a pitfall trap and remained there until Brock used his {{TP|Brock|Onix}} to get them out.
They soon found Team Rocket again and Ramona commanded her two Arcanine to use {{m|FireFlame SpinWheel}} on their [[Team Rocket's mechas|balloon]] sending them crashing to the ground. Ramona got the Fire Stones back and she and Keegan delivered them to the competition headquarters on time.