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Ash, Keegan and Arcanine searched for Team Rocket and eventually found them. They defeated [[Jessie's Arbok]] and went on to grab the stones, but fell down a huge pitfall. [[Jessie]] then grabbed Pikachu once again. Later, they managed to get out and Ash had to ride Keegan's Arcanine as Keegan himself had hurt his arm. Arcanine's was able to track Pikachu's scent, leading Ash and Keegan directly to Team Rocket. Arcanine was ordered to attack the trio, but its attack was {{m|Counter}}ed by [[Jessie's Wobbuffet]]. Ramona and the group then arrived and Ramona's Arcanine blew up [[Team Rocket's mechas|Team Rocket's balloon]], causing it to fall down to the ground. Ash was determined to chase after Team Rocket, and used Arcky's lightning speed to reach the evil trio. Pikachu went on to send them blasting off.
Arcanine's known moves are {{m|Take Down}}, {{m|FireFlame SpinWheel}} and {{m|Extreme Speed}}.}}
==Voice actors==