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Energy: Energy from Warrior Skills is turn-limited, but Energy from items is not.
In addition, a Pokémon with maximum Energy will gain slightly more link percentage after a battle, while a Pokémon with minimum Energy will gain less link percentage. Once every three months, every Pokémon in the army may have its Energy randomly increased or decreased by one stage.
The main way to recover Energy is by visiting {{DL|Kingdom location|Ponigiri Shop}}s, where buying [[Ponigiri]] will recover Energy for all Pokémon visiting the shop. Upgrading a Ponigiri shop allows for more expensive Ponigiri to be purchased which recover more Energy at once. Sometimes, the shop owner will offer a free second helping; accepting will either raise the Pokémon's Energy to a maximum, cause it to drop, or do nothing at all. Energy can also be increased with certain {{DL|Pokémon Conquest|kingdom events}}. Energy can also be recovered during battle by using [[List of Pokémon Conquest items|items]], [[List of Abilities in Pokémon Conquest|Pokémon abilities]], or by using certain [[Warrior Skill]]s. However, Energy boosts granted inby theseWarrior waysSkills only last a number of turns, and the Pokémon's Energy will return to its prior value afterward. On occasions, at the start of a battle, a cutscene may show the player's Warlord talking about not wanting to lose to a certain enemy Warlord. The Warlord's Pokémon will then have their Energy raised for the battle.