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After the release of Expedition, Pokémon Powers were split into two groups: Poké-Powers (Japanese: '''ポケパワー''' ''Poké-Power'') and Poké-Bodies (Japanese: '''ポケボディー''' ''Poké-Body''). Poké-Powers are special effects that the player must trigger or announce using. A Poké-Body's effect is one that is in effect regardless. The player does not need to announce the use of a Poké-Body, since it is always active. In essence, a Poké-Power's effect is not always active, while a Poké-Body's effect is.
With the release of {{TCG|Black & White}}, Pokémon Powers were combined into one mechanic once again and renamed [[Ability (TCG)|Abilities]] (Japanese: '''特性''' ''special characteristic''), after the [[Ability|analogous element]] in the main series games.
With the release of {{TCG|Evolutions}}, a commemorative expansion created to celebrate the 20th annyversaryanniversary of the [[TCG]], a new card with a Pokémon Power was printed: {{TCG ID|Evolutions|Imakuni?'s Doduo|112}}
==List of Pokémon Powers==