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Electric rodents
===Electric rodents===
{{redirect|Pikachu clone|the Pikachu that is a clone|Pikachutwo}}
A group of {{type|Electric}} Pokémon based on {{wp|rodent}}s, consisting of {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Raichu}} (sometimes omitted), {{p|Pichu}} (sometimes omitted), {{p|Plusle}}, {{p|Minun}}, {{p|Pachirisu}}, {{p|Emolga}}, {{p|Dedenne}}, {{p|Togedemaru}}, and {{p|Morpeko}}. They are the only Pokémon that can learn {{m|Nuzzle}} (although Pichu cannot) and, all are also in the {{egg|Fairy}} or {{egg|Field}} [[Egg Group]]s, and all have English names very close to being pure transliterations of their Japanese names. This group is also referred to as the '''Pikachu family''', '''Pikachu clones''' or '''Pikaclones'''.
{{p|Marill}}, its evolutionary relatives, and {{p|Mimikyu}} are also sometimes referred to as Pikachu clones.