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{{series|Advanced Generation}}
| Can launch a net from its mouth, it was used again in ''[[DP119|Trials and Adulations!]]'' where it was able to launch a rock rocket. Protected from electricity.
{{rmech|Rocket mecha 155.png|3=AG155|4=The Green Guardian|5=Used to steal {{p|Celebi}}. Vulnerable to {{m|Thunder Wave}}.}}
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| [[File:AG156 Mecha.png|150px]]
| Unnamed
| ''[[AG156|From Cradle to Save]]''
| A glider equipped with claws, that can shoot a Ninja Spider Thread. Destroyed by {{TP|May|Combusken}}, {{AP|Grovyle}}, and {{TP|Brock|Marshtomp}}.
{{rmech|Potted Bonsai Boy Mark 1.png|Potted Bonsai Boy Mark 1|AG173|All That Glitters is Not Golden!|Has super strength, it was used to steal a gold Sudowoodo.}}
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