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Mamoswine (Pokémon)

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Mamoswine resembles a wooly mammoth crossed with a boar. Its brown fur is very thick to endure harsh cold and protect from snow and ice. Its tusks, which are smaller on a female Mamoswine than on a male, are made of pure, solid ice. Mamoswine has a blue mask-like pattern with a white rim around its face, resembling ski goggles. The fur on its muzzle is tan and shaggy, and its nose resembles that of a pig. Mamoswine's feet are black with three thick toes, and its tail is small. It can endure harsh cold and hunger for an almost indefinite amount of time, as indicated by a ten-thousand-year-old specimen reviving. Mamoswine lived all around the world during the last {{wp|ice age}}, but its population thinned when the climate grew warmer. Mamoswine, alongside its pre-evolved forms [[Swinub]] and [[Piloswine]], inhabited cold places, such as mountainous regions and frozen tundra.
==In the anime==